Monday, July 12, 2010

Report from Summer School

I just spoke with Joseph's teacher from summer school, and she had a lot to tell me and many suggestions about how to help Joseph.

She said that visual timers and Boardmaker pictures helped him transition from one activity to the next more smoothly, and that he was all about routines. Plus the Boardmaker pictures allowed him to tell them what he wanted to do, and gave them a way to tell him that he could do that after he did what they wanted him to do. Also, she said that he responds well to sensory stimuli, they were able to keep him sitting still and focused better using things like the weighted vests and by touching him on the back and head. She suggested giving him Play-Doh to keep him sitting still while we read to him, which has always been a huge challenge for us.

We're even more looking forward to him starting pre-school at the end of next month. Our experiences so far with the Dublin school district have been very encouraging.

We're going to try this Play-Doh recipe.


  1. That's a great recipe. I've used it before. I think, if I remember correctly, I used vanilla extract to scent mine.

  2. Neat ideas! I am sure that this will help you communicate with him more effectively. You could take or look up pictures (public domain, of course...), print them up and laminate them so you can use them.