Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Favorite Christmas Apps for iOS

Christmas is Joseph's favorite holiday, we discovered last year. This is our first Christmas since he got his iPad, so I'm searching for the best Christmas themed iOS apps for him and I've found some great ones already.

I'm going to post my favorite first, because it's so freakin' awesome.

Popout! The Night Before Christmas from Loud Crow - $4.99

I don't buy $5 apps. I'm far too cheap. But I downloaded the free demo of this book and was blown away. The illustrations are fantastic, they're presented in a way that make them "pop" off the screen. The animations are creative and entertaining, the music is wonderful and the narration is perfect. This is one of the few books that I haven't had to try too hard to keep Joseph from flipping to the next page before it's finished reading the one he's on. :)

123 Sticker: Free Musical Sticker Book (Christmas Edition) from Steve Glinberg - FREE

FREE is much more in my budget. :)
123 Sticker is lots of fun for Joseph. It's got nice music, and he can decorate his Christmas tree and then we can save it to the iPad's photo album and post it to the Internet.

Piggly Christmas Edition HD by Big Fish Games - FREE

Another free one, Piggly is a fun 2D scrolling game. It's got simple controls, which can still be a little challenging for Joseph, but not so much that he gives up.

FirstWords: Christmas by Learning Touch - $1.99

FirstWords: Deluxe was one of the first apps we got for Joseph. FirstWords: Christmas works exactly the same, but with a Christmas theme.

What are your kids' favorite apps and books?

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