Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Upcoming series: How to be the digital parent of a child with special needs

I'm planning a series of blog posts about how to effectively (and cheaply) use the digital tools that are available to us to better manage the business of being a special needs parent.

The posts will include:

  • Scheduling - How to effectively manage your time and keep track of who needs to be where when
  • Record keeping - Stop killing trees and be able to find that ONE paper that you need
  • Communication management - Keeping in touch with parents, teachers, therapists and everyone else
  • Social media - Having a digital social life
What are your favorite tricks, apps, that you can't imagine living without? Can you think of any other subjects that should be covered? Do you want to write a guest post?


  1. We pretty much use Google calendars as you do for coordinating scheduling. What I want to know is how you are successfully tracking your medical and therapy expenses, and getting them covered by insurance or counted in your tax return.

  2. I can't advise you on that, I'm afraid. Medicaid and our county Board of Developmental Disabilities cover all of Joseph's medical and therapy expenses. I might be able to find someone to do a guest post on this though.