Monday, October 1, 2012

The 'Cosmonaut' stylus from Studio Neat

There are loads of choices when it comes to finding a stylus for your iPad or other tablet device. So of course, there are loads of reviews of styluses out there. But all the reviews I found were meant to help adults choose a stylus for themselves. Kids have different needs when it comes to choosing things like styluses, so I'm attempting to review some of the options out there.

If you're looking for a stylus for your child, consult with their occupational therapist or teacher to see what shape you should be looking for, short, long, fat, thin, etc

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The Cosmonaut by Studio Neat
MSRP $25

The first stylus I received gratis from Studio Neat, which they've named the Cosmonaut. It's fatter and shorter than the typical pen or pencil that many styluses are modeled after.The barrel is rubberized from end to end and the conical rubber tip is separate from the rubberized barrel. Though I've not had problems with the cover of the tip coming off, it is a concern in the long run as the Cosmonaut's texture invites gnawing from my youngest two. But I think that activity is naturally directed at the opposite end.

The Cosmonaut's monolithic design make it pretty simple to describe. It's two distinctive features are it's size, which is comparable to a dry-erase marker, and it's rubberized grip. In Joseph's case, the size seems to be more of a hindrance than a help, making it more difficult for him to form the proper tripod grip which he's been working on for a while and is coming along nicely. That's not to say this is a flaw, every kid is going to have their own needs. So if your child's OT says that wider writing tools would be easier for them to use, then this is a great bonusin their case. I've been informed that the fatter size is better for people tired hands and motor skill deficits.

The rubber that encases the Cosmonaut is the same texture as the outer layer of our OtterBox iPad case. It makes it very easy to grip, which means that it's easy for food and dirt to stick to it, but it wipes off easily.

Chewability: Excellent. If your kid is an oral stimmer like mine, the Cosmonaut is a good choice.

Adaptability: Not so much. It's unique size makes it impossible to use all the little attachments that help build a good tripod grip, but that may not be an issue if this is otherwise a good stylus for your child.

In a Nutshell: Great for oral stimmers, for kiddos with weak grips and fine motor difficulties, and for activities that would normally be done with a marker (coloring, some drawing, etc). I think the durability is the Cosmonaut's strongest feature.

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