Friday, January 25, 2013

To My Son on His 6th Birthday

Dear Joseph,
Wow, I'm taking procrastination to new heights. At least it's still January. :)

2012 was even harder for us than 2013. You seem pretty unaware of most of our tribulations, and for that I'm thankful. Sometimes I wonder if you will remember this year when you get older. I hope just the good stuff, like Buddy Camp, Christmas, Amal and Ashlee, your teachers from last year.

Kindergarten has been great for you. You have been flourishing in your new environment. With lots of work, your communication continues to get better all the time. I'm trying to find new, interesting ways to help you expand your vocabulary. I think by this time next year, you will probably be reading. I'm excited for that.

I'm having trouble finishing this email, but I don't want to delay it any further. A couple of days before your birthday, I made this video of you.

Happy birthday, my son.

Love, Dad

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  1. Hi, found your blog kind of randomly and have quickly fallen in love with your whole family. Your son's eyes are the most amazing blue I've ever seen. So is his tongue! :) Thanks for posting your journey.