Thursday, September 2, 2010

E-mail from School

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Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2010 4:33 PM
Subject: library


I wanted to let you know that Joseph really enjoyed going to the school library yesterday & listening to Mr. P read a story...he sat on my lap and looked at the television (the book was projected onto the tv screen 7 watched Mr. P (he's very animated) and laughed. At one point, the looked over at the friend that was sitting next to him and gently brushed her hair, then lean over and gave her a big hug and a smooch on the cheek :-)

[I received some smooches on the cheek today too :-)]

Next week, we'll be able to check out books (the kids weren't in the computer system yet so we couldn't do it this week).

He participated much more during circle today...let us help him do the hand motions to the songs - got some good eye contact during this too! He was also excited to put his name card up on the board for "Who is here today?" He also sat and looked through several books with me and repeated (verbally) many of the pictures we were pointing out on the pages. In his backpack is the art we've been working on of all his friends at school (their pictures & names) -he was repeating their names with me today...might be fun to hang up somewhere at home and continue to refer to it....he seems to be developing more interest in his peers....

Great first week! Joseph should be super proud of himself!! I know we're excited!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Excellent! It sounds like he is doing great!

  2. This ( and the last post, too) is WONDERFUL news!!!