Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Amusing things Joseph has said recently

Joseph was upstairs in his bedroom, which had recently had a thorough cleaning. He was supposed to be tidying up and making his bed. His almost-3 year old sister followed him upstairs. Anna can be kind of a bully sometimes. It sounded like she was making the mess worse and he was trying to get her to go away. Then, in obvious exasperation, he shouted, "God damn it!"

I yelled upstairs to him, "Joseph! Bad words!"

He called back down to me in a still angry and frustrated tone, "I know!"

What am I supposed to say to that? "Good job expressing yourself, Joseph!" or "Nice work cursing properly, Joseph!" LOL

At Joseph's IEP meeting, we decided to move more towards sight words, from the phonics based approach that has been failing. A couple of days ago, I downloaded a very simple sight words flash card app on my phone. I bribed him with iPad time to go through the first set of words with me. As expected, he only knew a couple of them (like 'and') and he was frustrated but struggling through. But at one point he stopped and looked at me and in a suspicious tone said, "Are you teaching me to read?" And I told him, "No! Of course not!" So he said, "Ok." and continued with the exercise.

I'm going to try to make shorter posts more often since I haven't been able to work up but a single long one in over a year. Hopefully you will be hearing more from us.


  1. I have a son who is about the same age, and has some of the same issues. A few weeks ago, he was being punished, and was made to write sentences (I will not yell at my brother, or something like that). On his page, he wrote out SSSSSsssssssssssshit. I wasn't sure if I should crack up, correct him for swearing, or praise him for his proper usage. Decided to completely ignore it.

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