Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday

Editorial note: I wrote this at the end of January,  but thought I wasn't done. I'm not sure I am now,  but I'm going to post it now anyway. 

Hey son,  I remembered before January was over that I hadn't written a birthday post for you yet. So that's an improvement.

You've been doing so well in school. Your teachers tell me you're making great progress,  though I think that what you show them and what you show me aren't the same. That's just the sort of mischief that we've come to expect from you,  you little scamp.

I just started going to PSR with you instead of sending your mother. It's given me a new perspective, seeing you in a classroom setting with your peers. I see how difficult it is for you to pay attention to what the teachers are saying,  and how your peers seem about as interesting to you as the furniture.

Your teachers from school tell me that there you actually seek out social interaction, and show preferences for certain classmates and sometimes you ask to sit with your friends at lunchtime. It gives me hope. I can't exactly teach you social skills,  to be honest mine are probably barely better than yours. :)

This year you're supposed to receive your 2nd and 3rd sacraments in the Church,  Penance and Communion. I'm anxious about it. I know they are not going to exclude you, but it's important to me that you have the appropriate education before you receive penance and Communion. That you understand the concepts of sin, and heaven and he'll,  and how God forgives your sins because you are one of his children and he loves you. I know that you're, capable of it, I know you understand right and wrong even though you sometimes don't understand WHY something is right or wrong. When you do something wrong,  I see honest regret in you,  at least sometimes.

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