Monday, August 23, 2010

At the Park

Today was Joseph's sister Maria's first day of Kindergarten, so after the bus picked her up this afternoon, Joseph and I headed to the park. There were only a couple of other kids there. Joseph ran around randomly, darting from one part of the playground to another, did some climbing, some sliding, then he found himself near two other little boys. One looked like he was about the same size and him, the other looked like his younger brother. They collided going down the slide, giggled, then the older boy pointed at something on the other side of the playground and said, "Let's go over there!" And then Joseph did something remarkable, he pointed in the same direction and then took off running with the other two boys, babbling with excitement. They played together for 10 of 15 minutes, until their mother told them it was time to leave.

This shouldn't be a remarkable event, but it is. Joseph has never played with other kids like this before.

He'll be having his screening on Wednesday at the Nisonger Center at OSU Medical Center.

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