Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This update will be a little more mundane, they can't all be profound, can they?

We made more PECS cards for Joseph, he's using some, and not using others. But I feel like we're making progress. We need to be more persistent though, and make him say words that we know he can say. Sometimes he will just hand us the Drink card and not bother telling us verbally, but we know that he can. I think we're supposed to insist, holding out until he says it out loud, but we can't always withstand his temper-tantrum when we do that.

A couple of days ago, Joseph was dancing to the theme from Animaniacs (along with Spongebob, one of his favorite videos) and as he came out of a spin, he fell into the edge of the coffee table right below his eye, giving himself a spectacular shiner. The swelling and discoloration has finally started to go down this evening.

And now, I present Joseph singing along as he watches the 'This is Halloween' sequence from The Nightmare Before Christmas, recorded from the webcam of the netbook on which he was watching.

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