Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Columbus Autism Parents Support Group

It seems like autism parents' support groups are hard to find. I've been lucky enough to practically fall into one. Shortly before Joseph's diagnosis, my former Explorer Scout leader connected me on Facebook with a friend of hers, Susan Richardson. Shortly after the diagnosis she invited us to a support group session that she was hosting.

It was a small group, and I'm afraid I talked too much, but it was very helpful and it made both Kristy and myself feel a lot better. Susan herself has degrees in counseling and art therapy and has been an invaluable guide for me in this period in my life.

The group's next session will be on October 23rd in Westerville. If you're in central Ohio and have a child on the spectrum, I highly recommend you check it out. Every time I write about the isolation we feel, I find many people who feel exactly the same way. This is a way to do something about that because with 1 in 110 children having autism, none of us have to be alone. I keep hearing this, from my mother, on random TV shows, in various other places, when you're on an airplane the flight attendants tell you that if there's an emergency to put your own oxygen mask on before helping your child or other person who might need help. Because if you don't help yourself first, then you can't help them.

So I'd love to see you there!

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