Sunday, October 24, 2010

Joseph's First Field Trip

I went with Joseph on his first class field trip Thursday, to the pumpkin patch at Jacquemin Farms.

(2010-10-21) Joseph's Class Field Trip - 0005

He did not want to sit still for the short presentation about pumpkins at the beginning, which is hardly surprising. One of the classroom aides took him for me and sat him on a table off the the side and rubbed his shoulders and he calmed down. 

(2010-10-21) Joseph's Class Field Trip - 0015

We walked out to the field where they grow their pumpkins, he insisted on walking all the way to the end of the field to pick his. 

(2010-10-21) Joseph's Class Field Trip - 0048 (2010-10-21) Joseph's Class Field Trip - 0050 (2010-10-21) Joseph's Class Field Trip - 0077
Then after he had a snack, he and his classmates spent about an hour chasing each other through a small hay-bale maze and playing in a corn pit.

(2010-10-21) Joseph's Class Field Trip - 0198

His only tantrums were when he didn't want to sit still at the beginning, and then when we tried to leave. He head-butted me, tried to take my glasses and throw them, tried to bite me, then went limp and flopped on the ground. Aside from that, and trying to climb on the 7 foot tall pile of hay-bales with the "DO NOT CLIMB" signs on it, he was very well behaved and had a great time. :) I am even more convinced now that his teacher and aides are the greatest.

After watching Joseph play in the corn, I'm thinking about building one of these for Joseph. I'm not sure I'm handy enough though.

(Inserting photos from Flickr into Blogger posts is a pain in the butt.)

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